REMON develops, produces, creates, directs and edits television programs, corporate movies, commercials, music videos and online (branded) content

Based in Haarlem, The Netherlands

The driving force behind REMON is Remon Rijper, a director and video editor of television programs, commercials, corporate movies and branded content and a self-taught photographer.

After studying Commercial Economics, working a few internships and different jobs within the production and editorial fields, Remon Rijper (January 9, 1981) found his passion in the editing suites at De Beeldbrigade, a production company located in Amsterdam. For eight years he was the creative end-of-the-line for various successful unscripted cooking, travel and home make-over shows for Dutch public broadcasters (KRO, BNN, AVRO) and commercial ones (RTL4, Net5, SBS6 and Veronica).

During his time at De Beeldbrigade he was introduced to directing and embraced the opportunity. Rijper became honed this profession and became a successful director on many shows but mainly the unscripted home-improvement show “Het Blok” (Net5) which carried his signature for five seasons.

At this moment Remon works as freelance director, video editor and photographer. For television production companies he develops various shows and gives them form and content. He’s at his best in the studio as well as in the editing suite. Shows such as “The New Vermeer” (Omroep Max), “Project Rembrandt” (NTR), “Dreamschool” (NTR),  “Draagmoeder gezocht” (KRO), “Menu van Oranje” (SBS6), “De Panamericana Road Trip” (Veronica) and “Kleine baby’s, grote zorg” (SBS6) can be recognised by Remon’s style where real and pure stories dominate and go hand-in-hand with a cinematic look and atmospheric camera work.

Besides his work in television, Remon also notices the change from traditional to new media. He produces corporate movies for internet and is one of the directors of an internet campaign for Heineken.

Remon is being defined by others as multi-talented, creative, serious, responsible and decisive. His strengths are storytelling, design and music.

Remon is a multi-talent; he works as a reporter, director and editor and can create a program from conception to completion. He is creative, serious and feels responsible. Besides that, he is a real teamplayer.

– able to tell and visualize a story and deliver a complete program
– extremely qualified to create the correct look and feel for a program
– able to direct ENG multi-cam items and create a flashy edit

Gerdie Hulsbergen

Producer, Helder


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